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Disclaimer - I do not guarantee any of the numbers to be totally accurate.
 These Numbers here, have been collected and corrected many times since 1956.
I have found many different  numbers over the years and have tried to get as close to the
official mint records as possible. There are many sources for these numbers such as, internet sites,
coin magazines, books,, etc. - Only Lincoln Cents from 1909 to predicted 2035 are here.
I added additional info tabs mainly because I need the info as I update to better coins for my collection.

When I contacted the US Mint,  by Email, asking for older Official Production Numbers, I was sent an Email  back.
The short version of the Email directed me to   NARA  Record Group 104 ( RG104 ) &
The Official Red Book, a Guide Book of United States Type Coins, by Q. David Bowers or other publications
 in the Official Red Book Series. The Publisher is Whitman Publishing, LLC - web site is