Partial List of US Lincoln Cent Errors

There are a multitude of Lincoln Cent errors - many are listed here , but an internet search will quickly show many sites with more detailed information and may include images of the error. They can be fun to collect and also quite hard to find, the images that will appear here were found or purchased by me since I began collecting  in 1956.

Some Error Types Some Error Types
Blanks Triple Strike
Planchet Die Break-Cud
Blockage Die Clash
Capped Die Double Clash
Struck Through Die Cap Defective Planchet
Incomplete Planchet - Clip Split Planchet
Lamination Bonded Coins
Off-Center Struck Through
Rotated Die Struck Through Cloth
Double Strike Non Plated Cent


This is a Planchet = Blank with raised rim

Both sides of a off center strike